Make 2D is a project that we started with the desire to have the perfect notebook with us at all times. We design each pattern and produce each product in-house to ensure product quality; Our Premium notebooks and notepads are made for sophisticated people who appreciate the details of fine craftsmanship and high quality in stationery products that will help them organize their day by writing down their tasks, ideas or to-dos on nicely functional paper notebooks.

Our collection aims to present an innovative product, based on the use of high-end papers that offer striking colors and textures with modern trends, seeking to provide classic products that are made with traditional printing techniques such as embossing and hot stamping made on original Heidelberg letterpress machinery with the delicacy and dedication required by the appropriate artisan process that gives the piece a unique and personal character.

In the same way, we combine modern techniques and take inspiration from other industries, applying exclusive embroidery on paper to achieve a completely differential product that transcends the barrier of old and new in a single product whose result is the perfect combination of sophistication, special attention to detail, and functionality. From the choice of materials, through the high quality of our production processes, to it's final presentation, a Make 2D notebook is an everlasting piece of paper.